Moscow and Beijing should strengthen cooperation, says Chinese expert

Beijing and Moscow under pressure from the West should strengthen technological cooperation and to increase payments in national currencies, the Director of the Center for Sino-Russian strategic cooperation between CITIC research Fund for reform and development kun Tribute.

As the expert said, after the outbreak of coronavirus, the United States acted irresponsibly, breaking apart the old world order dominated by the United States, but has not yet formed the new. According to him, cooperation between Russia and China has global significance.

"We feel pressure from the United States, Russia is subjected to (pressure) from the West for many years. We should strengthen cooperation. First, to change the situation according to our computational systems from dollars, to increase volume of settlements in national currencies. Second, to strengthen our influence in pricing major commodities, some countries did not win because of the volatility of commodity prices," he said during an online discussion organized by the international discussion club "Valdai".

As noted by kun Tribute, China and Russia should also strengthen technological cooperation to end locks from the West and minimize the risks. In addition, according to him, Beijing and Moscow should strengthen cooperation in the field of information, food, biological, energy and transport security to external forces could not destroy the two countries ' cooperation.

As the expert added, the two countries should work together to establish a regional economic order, to promote the pairing of the initiative "One belt and one road" and the Eurasian economic Union, to strengthen cooperation on infrastructure development.

Another round of deterioration of relations between China and the United States is on the verge of a pandemic of mers. The U.S. government, including the President, regularly accuse China of failing to contain the spread of coronavirus, concealment of facts, ill-timed reactions. China denies the accusations. Beijing believes that the US deliberately trying to prevent the implementation of trade between countries.