Mishustin told Putin offered him to become Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin reported that the offer to become Prime Minister, he was made President, and he was targeted for execution is marked in the message, but the pandemic coronavirus has made some changes and was not easy.

"If you go to work in the government, and especially if you proposed the post of Prime Minister, then, of course, very difficult to imagine the whole of, say, a set of challenges that you may face. Offer me to work in the government was made by President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and in this sense, of course, the focus was on the implementation of the basic measures that he announced in the letter in January," he said in an interview on the channel "Russia 24".

Mishustin said that the pandemic has made adjustments.

"And, of course, was not easy, when there is the need to implement appropriate measures of message, execution of national projects, national goals actually crossed paths with such a disaster, like a pandemic, when he had literally regular basis to make decisions related to the need for the deployment of hospital beds, development of appropriate methodologies, training, procurement and manufacture of personal protective equipment. All this was a tough challenge, so I think that people judge how it turned out", - said the head of government.

"But it is very important that we passed this difficult stage, probably one of the best in the world by the results. This also applies to mortality, this concerns, in particular, systems testing, which to date, nearly one hundred in Russia there", - he stressed.