In Portland, protesters stormed the courthouse

Hundreds of protesters in the U.S. Portland continue to storm the building of the local court: they throw over the fence firecrackers, the Federal security forces respond with tear gas, trying to push back the protesters, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

Several hundred protesters to the court in Portland over the high metal fence that had surrounded the building, and throw firecrackers and other burning objects.

Several times the building was out of Federal security officials: they tried to push the protestors back with tear gas, stun grenades and other special equipment. However, when they returned to the building, the protesters resumed the siege.

Currently, from the speakers to hear calls from the Portland police to disperse, the police threatened to use tear gas, although the last few days, they did not intervene. However, the law enforcers time and again violently dispersed protests.

The protesters used innovative tactics to combat gas: clouds of gas shot down with portable wind turbines. In the course of going and umbrellas to whether to close the review to the feds, or to protect against ammunition.

In the neighboring of the courthouse square held a peaceful rally, which was attended by several thousand people. In the course of the event were the mayor of Portland, who promised to reform the police, but since it was hard to hear, the crowd did not take his speech.

"It's all in name only, we want him resigned, we want the police was abolished," said one of the protesters.

"Cut funding to the police by 50%, put the money in the society," said another.

Earlier, Russian journalists were attacked by American police while covering protests in Portland. They filmed a report about the riots, which was besieged by the local court. The building housed the Federal law enforcement forces entered the city, despite the dissatisfaction of the local authorities. Both attacked the journalist was with the badges with the inscription "Press".

This is not the first case when the American police actions affect journalists. The thirty-first of may the correspondent of RIA Novosti, Mikhail Turgiev covering the protests in Minneapolis, was attacked by the police - he was sprayed in the face with pepper spray after he produced a press card and identified himself as the employee of the press. Similarly, the police cost with a nearby group of American channel VICE.