The alleged killer of Russians in Austria will stay in prison until 2021

The alleged killer of Chechen blogger in Austria until 2021 will be in prison for another crime, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti the representative of Prosecutor's office of Korneuburg.

"He will serve his sentence until January 2021. If criminal proceedings on the murder case in Gerasdorf is completed, the court will decide whether to leave him in prison," he added.

Earlier the representative of police Walter Shwarzenegger reported RIA Novosti, that asylum-seekers from Russia, was killed on the evening of 4 July in the city of Gerasdorf near Vienna. The representative of Prosecutor's office of Korneuburg (lower Austria) Friedrich Kehl told RIA Novosti that the victim - a Russian citizen of Chechen origin by the name of Martin Beck. Arrested and placed in jail two suspects in the murder, they also come from Chechnya.

The consequence does not exclude a political motive for the murder. The representative of the police Department of Lower Austria Johan Baumschlager had not ruled out that the murder of Chechen blogger at Vienna was custom-made or occurred because of a quarrel.

As reported RIA Novosti, the Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry lubinsky, the Embassy established contact with the law enforcement agencies of Austria, was ready to work closely.