Charlize Theron said whether the "Immortal guard" continued

. Charlize Theron hinted in an interview with Variety on a possible continuation of the "Immortal guard."

On the question of the sequel, the actress replied that I do have such thoughts, but not yet approved.

"We are now a little rest, and given the fact that we all want to continue working on this story, I'm sure the time will come, and we will begin a more substantive conversation on this subject", she added.

The popularity of the film (according to analysts Netflix for the first four weeks will see 72 million people) the actress also called "crazy" and noted that he did not expect such a success.

Director Gina Price-of Bitwood also said earlier that the sequel is quite possible, moreover, that the film, like the graphic novel on which it is made, an open end: in the end there is one more character that was believed dead.

According to her, the comic book author Greg Pen was going to write more than one Chapter, and the whole trilogy: "I know what will be the future storyline, and to me it seems exciting. If the audience will be interesting, we have something to tell you."

In the Thriller, which premiered on Netflix on July 10, it is about immortal warriors who suddenly discover that they are being watched.