The foreign Ministry of Iran told about large-scale cyber attacks against the country

Iran in the past few months have been large-scale cyber attacks, Iran might respond to them, said the official representative of the Iranian foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi.

According to him, thousands of cyber attacks are carried out against the country daily, it's nothing special, most of them, Iran has managed to reflect, and they do not have any impact on the country.

"In the last few months on the infrastructure of the country, there have been several more large-scale cyber attacks," the statement Mousavi on the Agency's website.

He noted that the Iranian analysts, who have studied the question have been defined as countries that supported the conduct of cyber-attacks and groups involved, but did not name which specific countries are behind them, not excluding that it could be US.

Mousavi said that "recent fires" have not been associated with cyber attacks, adding that Iran reserves the right to respond to these attacks, including by using the cyberspace.

Earlier, Iran has been a series of strange occurrences, among which a bright flash as a result of explosion near military installations in the Eastern part of Tehran. According to the official, 26 Jun exploded with the technical gas.

In addition, in early July, the authorities reported the incident and the fire at the plant for uranium enrichment at Natanz. The official reason was for security reasons not yet known, however, the media wrote that it could be a diversion of Israel.