In the Krasnodar region opened a monument to the victims of the Holocaust

Monument to Jews executed by the Nazis in 1942 in the village of Novoshcherbinovskaya, Krasnodar Krai, opens on Thursday at the initiative of local residents, said the press service of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC).

A memorial in the City opened the burial place of the 202 people who were executed by the Nazis on 8 September 1942. Most of them were Jewish refugees from the territory of modern Moldova and Romania.

"Two hundred lives of innocent women, men, children, taken here by the Nazis in September 1942, of course, never to return. The threads of new lives that could be pulled from them and, in particular, from 55 children killed along with their families, are broken forever. The only thing we can do to make their stay on earth and tragic passing it has not gone unnoticed, to keep the memory of them. This is our contribution to the restoration of justice on earth," - said the President of the RIVERS Yuri Kanner, whose words are reported.

It is noted that the residents of the City commemorate: organize meetings with students living eyewitness of those events Evdokia Zybtseva, hold "Days of remembrance" at the place of execution. The initiative to erect a monument to the victims of the executions in the Russian Jewish Congress also asked the local resident Valentina Kuznetsova, whose mother was an eyewitness of the tragedy.

"To set the names of the dead, RIVERS throughout the year worked with archival documents and databases in Israel and Russia. It was important to perpetuate their names, because the goal of the Nazis was not only to destroy the Jews, but to wipe them of all memory," explains the organization.

As found in RIVERS, in August 1942, at the end of the occupation, the Germans went around the house and checked the documents of Jewish refugees – ostensibly to send home. "Then on the appointed day, the houses began to drive trucks, in which the Jews were taken away behind the village, where there were already prepared a large trench. Children smeared under the nose of poisonous liquid, after which they fell in the trench, and adults were shot," reads the message.

A memorial in the City will be the first monument in the Krasnodar region, erected on the RIVERS program to "Return dignity". "This monument will begin the 11th season of this memorial project, which is aimed at identifying and bringing order to the places of execution by the Nazis of Jews on the territory of our country. Until the end of the year it is planned to open about 20 monuments", - summed up in the Congress.

The program of the Russian Jewish Congress to "restore the dignity" operates since 2009. It is noted that she "combines efforts of the" Foundation of Evangelical Christians of Russia "even Ezer", the Holocaust Center, the regional Jewish communities of local activists and local historians. According to RIVERS, since the inception of the program in Russia was opened 80 monuments in places of mass executions and burials of Jews during the war. The project is also to restore the names and search for new places of burial.