The expert assessed the possibility of creating a US missile is 17 times faster than sound

Statements of military-political management of the USA on creation of hypersonic aircraft missiles with a speed of Mach 17 is unlikely to correspond to reality, because the American "defense" is not an appropriate scientific and technical reserve, said in an interview with RIA Novosti expert in the field of strategic weapons, a veteran of the strategic missile forces, Vladimir Yevseyev.

Previously, the Pentagon confirmed that during the speed test of the new hypersonic missiles, which the President Donald trump called "super-duper", exceeded the speed of sound in 17 times.

The expert noted that the statements of the US leadership in this case is designed to American society that want to calm down by convincing that the MIC is insignificant lags behind in the field of hypersonic technologies from other global military powers. Thus the interlocutor of the Agency stressed that in reality, that Washington is in "catching position".

Previously, the Pentagon has acknowledged the lag of Russia and China in the production of hypersonic weapons. Russian experts estimated that a delay of approximately five years.