Kaliningrad authorities have evaluated the introduction of compensation for Russia tours

Kaliningrad authorities expect that the compensation under the program to stimulate demand for tours to Russia in 2020 will attract in the region of guests in the low season, told RIA Novosti the Minister of culture and tourism of the region Andrey Ermak.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, speaking Wednesday in the state Duma with the report on the work of the Cabinet for 2019, reported that the government has decided to give the tourism industry another 15 billion rubles for the development of domestic tourism. The money will be spent on partial compensation of expenses to the people who are up to the end of this year decide to relax in the Russian regions.

Compensation will be provided for packages of at least 5 days and dates from 15 August to 20 December 2020. In addition, for trips to several regions, including the Kaliningrad region, cashback will be provided for the purchase rounds out the high summer season (tour dates are from October 1 to December 20).

According to the Federal tourism Agency, compensation in the framework of the program of stimulation of demand for tours in Russia in 2020, tourists will be able to, traveling to all regions of the country. The amount of kesbeke depends directly on the cost of the tour: tourists will be back on 5 thousand roubles for the tour cost from 25 to 50 thousand rubles, 10 thousand rubles return would be for the tours, which cost from 50 to 75 thousand rubles. The money will be automatically credited to the card "the World" up to five days.