The court has stopped manufacture under the claim "Rosneft" to RBC at 43 billion roubles

The Moscow arbitration court has stopped manufacture under the claim "Rosneft", OOO "BusinessPress", founder and publisher of the newspaper RBC, the recovery of 43 billion roubles in reputational harm, most of which appeared in the files of arbitration cases.

The plaintiff also demanded to recognize untrue the information disseminated on the Internet website rbc.ru. "Rosneft" on July 20 filed a petition for waiver of a claim.

The withdrawal of this lawsuit, RIA Novosti July 16, said the representative of "Rosneft". According to him, this happened on the basis of consultations with the publication. Head of United editorial Board of the media holding Petr Kanayev told RIA Novosti that in RBC satisfied with the results of the negotiations with Rosneft, and welcome the constructive attitude of the company to the situation.

"Rosneft" may 20 reported that they had applied to the court for protection of business reputation in connection with the publication on the website of RBC material "Ryazan chop received a share in a former Venezuelan project to Rosneft. The company said that this statement misled the public, representatives of the market and regulators, creating the impression of imaginary output of "Rosneft" from the business in Venezuela.

RBC may 21 announced that it has received a petition of "Rosneft". As noted in the message, the reason for the suit became the article title that OOO chop RN-Okhrana-Ryazan" belonging state "of Roszarubezhcentre", may 13 became the owner of 80% in National oil consortium (NOC), which follows from data to EGRUL". Head of United editorial Board Petr Kanayev said that the first version of the title, which was the reason for the claim was absolutely correct and changed because of the emergence of additional information.

"Rosneft" in April closed the sale of a business in Venezuela state company, 100% owned by the government of the Russian Federation. The buyer is a "Roszarubejcenter", established on 28 March, the government represented by Rosimushchestvo with a registered capital of 322,752 billion.