Japanese media warned of the threat of disposable masks

The environment is threatened by pollution disposable masks for protection from COVID-19 warns Japanese Agency Kyodo, citing in his review of the data of ecologists, divers and reports of witnesses from different parts of the world.

Citing the testimony of divers, the Agency reports that along the coast of Japan began to appear in the water of the abandoned mask.

In Turkey and European countries also increased the number of medical waste in the environment, the Agency said. Kyodo leads and data ecologists from France, who fear that soon the masks in the sea will more than jellyfish.

Growth in the use of masks, latex gloves and other protection from the coronavirus can lead to further pollution of the oceans, says the Agency. If we do not take measures, ecologists, mankind will face a real disaster.

Kyodo refers both to the Hong Kong-based organization OceansAsia, which passed earlier this month that the mask lying not only along the sea shores, but caught in fishing nets together with other garbage.

The Japanese, particularly in Tokyo, almost all wearing masks on the streets and transport. In the Japanese capital tests for the virus were identified Thursday, more than 300 new cases COVID-19, which was a record figure.

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