Okhlobystin stood up for Asmus divorce with Kharlamov

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin in an interview with the publication "7 days" said that he admires the actress Kristina Asmus, and also stressed that she has "a whole range of advantages.

Okhlobystin said that filming a sex scene in the film Text, which, in the opinion of the users of the Network, and led to her divorce from comedian Garik Kharlamov, does not change the artist's attitude to it. Okhlobystin said that he will have to justify it, as it refers to it as "relative". The actor also admitted that he did not see this movie "just in case".

He also noted that Asmus did everything in the profession myself, and nobody helped her: she is very hardworking and a great actress.

Ivan Okhlobystin and Kristina Asmus starred in the TV series "Interns".

Asmus and Kharlamov announced in Instagram about divorce in June. The couple also stressed that neither the film Text, nor third parties responsible for their breakup.

A few days later, the show's host Comment Out Vladimir Marconi said that the announcement of the divorce was one of the punishments in the transfer, and written in Instagram text was prepared by the author. Kharlamov has denied the both listings.