The Ministry of foreign Affairs: the expulsion of diplomats from Bulgaria involved "foreign" players

In the case of expulsion of Russian diplomats from Bulgaria, not without "external stimulants" that are trying to prevent the intensification of cooperation between the two countries, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of the fourth European Department of the MFA of Russia Yuri Philipson.

As the diplomat noted, the decision of the Sofia Moscow has learned from the media and not through official channels, which is contrary to international practice.

"However, understand that in this case not without external "stimulators", which try to prevent the recent enhancing our cooperation with Bulgaria, to play in the notorious bloc solidarity. It is therefore important not to succumb to provocations, to go forward, to consistently implement bilateral projects and agreements," - he stressed.

In January 2020, Bulgaria announced the expulsion of two Russian diplomats over accusations of spying. It was noted that the Prosecutor's office of Bulgaria after receiving information from homeland security conducted a pre-trial proceedings against the two Russian diplomats suspected of espionage, but due to the fact that they have the status of diplomatic immunity, the case was closed.

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