Chinese Consul General in Houston reacted to the closure of the Embassy

The US should provide evidence of "violations" from the Embassy of China in Houston, said the Consul General of the PRC in this town Cai Wei.

On the eve of the state Department has closed the diplomatic missions "to ensure the protection of intellectual property and personal information of Americans." According to media reports, on Tuesday evening there burned documents, other details were not disclosed. Beijing urged Washington to immediately reverse this decision, otherwise it will follow "a decisive response".

"I know you Americans, this is called the rule of law and the person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. If you say that we broke something, give us proof. Otherwise, we are innocent until you are prove guilty," commented the Consul General of the TV channel ABC13 Houston.

He also urged the us side to check the facts. "If you tell a lie or a lie a hundred times, then they are not true", — said Cai Wei.

He noted that he never suggested that Chinese diplomats "will be so treated" because they "came to establish friendly relations and understanding".

The dialogue between the United States and China remain tense. The parties mutual economic claims. In addition, the us administration accuses China of unfair information about the situation with the new coronavirus. China, in turn, dissatisfied with the intervention of Washington in internal Affairs of the country, particularly in relations between Beijing and Hong Kong.