Degtyarev proposed to reduce the tariffs on utility services for the residents of the Khabarovsk territory

Acting Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev proposed to reduce the tariffs for the population for all types of utility bills.

Acting head of solar district Eugene Chaplygin on the meeting of housing has announced a big debt to the gas supplier and the organization. He noted that the company's debt was formed from-for debts of the population.

He added that arrears among the population – only because of the high tariffs. "People have no money to live on, not to mention pay utilities. If we are here to help people, to introduce additional subsidies, to ask the government, to the President, to seek their inner resources, we must do it. To accumulate debts, while keeping high tariffs for heat are not very good," he added.

As explained to journalists the Minister of housing in the region Darius Tyurin, is scheduled to consider lowering fares for low-income citizens.

Also Degtyarev at the meeting instructed officials to work on the vocabulary in the presentation to it of the reports and be accurate in the wording and date of the decision of problems of housing and of the heating season.

"Let us with the vocabulary we will be careful. Understand, think, discuss.. If you have any suggestions, need to know if there are problems, you need to focus on the timing... Need more specifically for everyone on the site should be dealt with. The terms, risks let us discuss," - said Degtyarev at the meeting.

Tyurin said that he sees no risks in the preparation of housing and communal services for winter, adding that all complicated issues are resolved in manual mode.