In Buryatia opened a case after the disappearance of An-2

Criminal case about infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport initiated after the loss of An-2 plane with people on Board, according to the East-the Siberian investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation.

"Kukuruznik" An-2 airline "the Phoenix" went missing on the evening of 19 July, on Board were six people. The plane flew Tunka and Oka regions of Buryatia, to map out the territory of the chemical treatment of forests from the silkworm.

The Ministry reported that due to the long absence of information about the location of the aircraft in the investigation there is reason to believe that as a result of the aviation incident could hurt aboard the plane, passengers and crew members.

The investigators examined the landing area in the village of Kyren, seized samples of fuel, which was fueled plane, is appointed is judicial-chemical examination to determine its quality, interviewed technical personnel, to carry out pre-flight preparation of the vessel and the management of the airline.