The podiatrist gave me a way to improve sleep

The correct mattress and the correct use it can protect people from chronic fatigue syndrome, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, the Director of the centre for the rehabilitation of the First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov, the doctor the traumatologist-orthopedist Constantine thorns.

Man holds in his sleep a third of life is the time spent on the recovery of the body. Too soft or sagging mattress can ruin sleep, which negatively affect health. The rough canvas of the mattress leads to a change in posture during sleep, the curvature of the spine, pain in the back, fatigue in the morning. The result may be chronic fatigue syndrome, said radio Sputnik Constantine thorns.

To avoid these problems will help correct mattress and the correct care for them. Konstantin thorn recommends that you choose the most stringent option and periodically be turned over, so as not formed decubitus.

"Over time, the person pushes any mattress. The worse the quality, the faster it happens. If people with high body weight, the mattress is also fast selling. To prevent the appearance of bedsores in the mattress, it is necessary to turn or to change to another. How often it should be done - it depends on the quality of the mattress and those sleeping on it. It is possible to define visually. Dents just remain" - said the doctor in an interview with radio Sputnik.