The doctor told me what food should I bring while traveling

Professor Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, gastroenterologist Alex buyeverov said in an interview with AGN "Moscow", what kind of food you should take with you while traveling by train.

"Food for the train journey should not be perishable. Vegetables, fruit, bread, hard cheese, and if meat products, in the form of canned or smoked sausage. Overall, what you home store without refrigeration, you can take the train. Dry sausage is wonderful live, and if boiled, it is desirable to eat on the first day," explained buyeverov.

According to him, during the trip, you should drink plain water or tea without sugar. "Sugary drinks are generally undesirable, and in terms of relative immobility - undesirable even more," said the gastroenterologist.

The specialist added that it is also not recommended to take with milk products.

"Dairy products to bring undesirable - in the warmth, the conditions for the various bad bacteria that can cause intestinal distress. In the absence of a refrigerator your yogurt will be ruined and there will be problems with digestion," said buyeverov.

The doctor also urged not to buy food from illegal traders during stops of the train. "If you think to buy something on the way, we have to be careful. As trading is often illegal to run on anything. This is especially true in cakes with perishable fillings, it is not clear where made drinks. It is better to refrain", - he concluded.