Vilfand said, how long heat waves in the North of Russia

Abnormal climatic situation will not last in Russia for another week: the South will be colder than normal, and on the North is much warmer, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand.

He noted that this applies not only to the Asian side, but European Russia.

In the East of Komi Arkhangelsk to 26 degrees, and in Moscow 20. It is unusual for the climate. What is the reason? In the European territory it is associated with anticyclone and the Asian side, the situation is different. There is also high, but it is located over the sea of Okhotsk," - said Vilfand.

As explained Vilfand, the heat from the anticyclone spread North-East with one of the atmospheric flows, which departs from the high and resembles the shape of a mountain spur.

He also noted that this situation leads to increased fire danger in Yakutia, in the North and in the South Urals (Ugra).

"Such is the "war of the North against the South" leads to a high class of fire danger. Until the middle of next week, the situation remains the anomaly of 8-10 degrees on the North of the country," - said Vilfand.

The scientist said that the Muscovites in the first half of next week waiting for the warming to 25-28 degrees.