Trump has sent additional forces into the city, covered crime

The President of the United States Donald trump announced the additional sending of Federal forces in Chicago and other cities in the country, where recently formed an extremely serious crime situation.

"In recent weeks began a radical left movement to cease funding and disband the police departments. Policy extreme views have joined this crusade against the police," said trump, speaking at the White house.

According to him, such actions led to a sharp increase in murders, gunshot wounds, and other violence.

"This bloodshed must end, and it will end. Today I am announcing a sharp increase (number of employees) Federal law enforcement officials in our municipalities suffering from violent crimes," the President said, vowing to bring the perpetrators of such crimes to justice.

"We have no other choice but to intervene (the situation)," concluded trump.

The head of state reminded that the fight against crime is the responsibility of the "local elected officials", and when they do not, "an accident."

In turn, the US attorney General William Barr announced that Kansas city sent more than 200 employees, "a comparable number" - in Chicago. Informed border guard officers were sent for crowd control in Portland, Oregon.

This year in several major cities in the United States recorded a sharp increase in violent crimes (40 percent or more). In some places, the authorities attribute this to the effects of the crisis due to pandemic coronavirus

The last major shooting incident occurred in Chicago on Tuesday. As a result, 15 people were injured. The chief of police of the city of David brown reported that the incident is connected with dismantlings with local gangs. According to him, Chicago has about 117 thousand members 55 major gangs, as well as 2.5 thousand of small branches, and every day the city is hundreds of clashes between representatives of different groups.