Experts have estimated time of restoration of the Cathedral in Nantes

The restoration of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in the French city Nantes, where the fire occurred, it may take three years, experts say.

The fire in the Cathedral of Nantes took place on Saturday, July 18. The fire, in particular, was completely destroyed by the great organ of the Cathedral. The Prosecutor's office of Nantes announced the launch of the investigation on suspicion of intentional arson of the Cathedral. But on Tuesday the interior Minister of France said that while there were no signs confirming the version of the arson and the fire may be accidental in nature.

According to the chief architect of historical monuments Prune Pascal, quoted by the French media, the restoration of the Cathedral of Nantes will require a total of about three years. However Prune notes that the cost of restoration work are not yet available.

The Western facade of the Cathedral, where the fire started, was badly damaged, stained glass Windows of the XVI century were destroyed. At the moment the experts do not know whether they will restore to its original appearance.

"We took sections (stained glass)," - said Prunet. However, he noted that the Western facade, which was the starting point for the construction of the Cathedral of Nantes, is out of danger.

The Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul in Nantes, the construction of which began in the XV century and lasted 457 years is one of the largest Gothic churches in France. Tallest Cathedral in Nantes, six meters below the Eiffel tower. In 1972 in the Cathedral of Nantes was already on fire.