The Russian doctors flew to Kyrgyzstan to combat COVID-19

The aviation of EMERCOM of Russia will bring the Russian medical professionals in the Kyrgyz Republic to combat COVID-19, the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

It is noted that from Moscow flew seven specialists. Also the plane will make landing in Ufa, which will take on Board 42 medic. Then a few hours later he lands in Bishkek.

"On behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation on 22 July, the special plane EMERCOM of Russia with the experts of Ministry of health of Russia and Rospotrebnadzor flew in the Kyrgyz Republic. Russian specialists are sent in the framework of assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic in the fight against coronavirus infection," - said in the message.

Also added that the specialists will return to the aviation Ministry after the work in Kyrgyzstan.

To date, the total number of infected COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan has reached 29 359. Died 1123 human. According to estimates of the Ministry of health of the country, the epidemiological situation in the country remains very difficult. In the capital and regions deployed more than ten temporary hospitals, as hospitals cannot cope with the influx of patients. Due to the lack of medical personnel, the Cabinet of the country withdrew from the holidays of all health workers attracted to the treatment COVID-19 senior students of medical universities.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world revealed more than 14.5 million cases of infection, over 607 thousand people died.

Relevant data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.