The expert told about the key principles of the air defense system of Moscow

System of Moscow today is based on the same key principles as during the great Patriotic war, but at a higher technical level, it has proven its effectiveness during the first RAID in 1941, said RIA Novosti former head of the anti-aircraft missile troops Russian air force Lieutenant General Alexander Gorkov.

July 22 is the Day of defenders of the sky of Moscow, which was established in memory of the successful reflection of the first German air RAID on the capital in 1941. Then, more than 220 bombers made their first RAID on the city. The idea to celebrate the anniversary of the first air RAID on Moscow belonged to the people's artist of the USSR Yuri Nikulin, who during the war was Sergeant of the air defense forces.

"Antiaircraft defense of Moscow today is built on the principles that were confirmed during the great Patriotic war, including during the first RAID, even then it has proven its effectiveness. It has survived all of the same requirements: asianromance and reliability, but it is built, of course, at a higher technical level using the most modern air defense systems," said Gorkov.

The General noted that today all new weapons systems primarily integrated into the air defense system of Moscow, "there was tested the s-300, s-400, missile systems, detection systems, including all the modern radar and all new control systems".

"To cope with the German attacks in 1941 were able due to the fact that in this area quickly increased the strength. The number of the first air defense corps, which was responsible for the defense of Moscow, has increased 7.5 times, the number of anti - aircraft guns- from 548 to 796, and fighter planes from 357 to 602," said Gorkov.

He noted that on arms of the Moscow parts of fighter aircraft, antiaircraft artillery troops, air surveillance, warning and communication (VNOS), searchlight parts and communication parts of the air defense during the war in the first place received the newest samples of military equipment.

"But most importantly, the competent organization of air defense system, was created by a powerful cover of strategically important sites, including the Kremlin, stations, and power plants around the center of Moscow. Along its Western and southern margins of the balloon parts was established zones, air barriers," - said the General.

He noted that the first air RAID on Moscow was the most powerful, it lasted for five hours — from 22:25 to 3:25, sequential trains and small groups of airplanes, "the Germans sought to use the sudden nature of the RAID, their bombers tried to break through to the center of Moscow at different altitudes, from different directions".

"Fighter aircraft with the active support of anti-aircraft artillery, Soviet pilots made 173 sorties, upsetting the order of battle of the enemy. Aviation and anti-aircraft gunners on the outskirts of Moscow, destroyed 22 enemy bombers. Only nine German planes broke through to Moscow. Faced with such resistance, a chaotic bombers dropped bombs and hurriedly left for the airfield," - said the former head of the anti-aircraft missile troops Russian air force.

The General said, giving the protection of the capital of special importance, Joseph Stalin in a special order, declared gratitude to the participants of the reflection of the plaque, "it was the first since the beginning of the war, the order of the Supreme Commander on the promotion".