"Get out immediately". US threatens Europe's sanctions

The United States all the forces prevented Russia to finish the construction "Nord stream — 2". Before laying the last section of congressmen endorsed the new restrictions. In response, the German authorities threatened to impose duties on liquefied gas from America. What will the war of sanctions — in the material RIA Novosti.

"Get out," asked Mike Pompeo to foreign participants of the project "Northern stream — 2". The Secretary of state announced that the restrictions will affect, and "Turkish stream". And those who disobey, expect big trouble.

The head of American diplomacy is not bluffing, house of representatives renews sanctions legislation against Russia. To avoid long-term agreement, Congress will reconsider the regulations.

The bill PEESCA (Protecting Europe's Energy Security Clarification Act of 2020), are presented only in early June, temporarily postponed. New measures based on the law "On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions" (CAATSA).

In 2017 CAATSA imposed restrictions against Moscow over alleged interference in elections. Mentioned and the conflict in the Donbass.

"At the time of adoption of the law "Nord stream — 2" is already implemented. It makes no sense to punish companies that operate there for a long time, " said former Secretary of state Rex Tillerson three years ago.

However, now CAATSA appeared article 232, which States: if Washington sees a threat in the actions of the members of the "Nord stream — 2", their assets in the US frozen.

The "grandfather clause" (Tillerson. — Approx. ed.) we don't restrict," said Pompeo.

The U.S. house of representatives supported the initiative. Turn for the Senate. If it approves a new article, affected not only the investors and the pipelayers, and small European companies that supply goods, information and technology.

The house of representatives passed the defense budget by 2021. The document also provides numerous bans for pipelayers North and Turkish pipelines. Disobeying waiting for the blocking of assets and the inability to do business with American companies.

Donald trump signed the budget in December. And seals almost immediately suspended its participation in the "Nord stream — 2". One of the first project left the Swiss company Allseas. Thirty days allotted by the Americans on the folding cases, the Pioneering Spirit and Solitaire were completed plot on the seabed, but 120 meters of pipe was not enough time.

Russia decided to act independently. At the end of February pipelay vessel "Akademik Chersky" has moved out of the Findings and a month later arrived in the port of Mukran on the German island of rügen, where a logistics base for the project.

In August pipelay will start to work. To prevent "Academician Chersky" Americans can't, but are constantly being told that the Russian gas — a direct political threat to the security of Europe.

The new restrictions will apply to already commissioned "Nord stream". This causes confusion not only in Ankara but also in Brussels.

Now the second line of the pipeline being pulled through the Balkans. Financial Russia helps Serbia. Plots in Bulgaria and Hungary implement local operators to apply sanctions against them, the Americans will not.

However, Europeans have long stopped looking for the logic in the actions of the transatlantic partners. Now the main critic of the US — Germany. Angela Merkel has repeatedly stated that the European energy security was an internal affair of the region.

The intervention angered the deputies of the Bundestag: they wrote letters to Congress threatened retaliatory measures, but the reaction never came.

Recently, the Eastern Committee of German economy (OAOEV), which unites the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, proposed to impose restrictions against the United States. Chapter OAOEV Michael harms noted that this would significantly affect the interests of Washington in Europe.

"Possible strong diplomatic statements or compensation for German companies. We reserve the right to be protected," said harms.

The response options were considered and in the Bundestag. A consensus of the parliamentarians has not yet come, but German officials speak in the spirit that "Nord stream — 2" — "a vital pipeline" and needs to finish.

According to the programme Director, Russian Council for international Affairs Ivan Timofeev, American PEESCA bill will seriously affect the construction of the pipeline.

"In fact, PEESCA — part of the U.S. defence budget in the coming years. This legislative initiative was put forward shortly after Russia decided to complete the "Nord stream — 2" on its own. If the document will accept, the sanctions will fall even insurers of the Russian ships. This will increase the degree of tension," says Timofeev.

The analyst believes that Germany can block and CAATSA, and PEESCA. "But, judging from experience, the European business focuses more on USA than on their own power. To lose share of the us market, or face a Bank lock — for most companies, the EU is very sensitive. Most likely, the threat of sanctions outweigh" — suggests the expert.

Of course, "Nord stream — 2" will complete, however, the Americans will push harder. Europe resists Washington, but is unlikely to move from words to deeds.