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Turkmenistan received WTO observer status

Turkmenistan received the status of observer in the world trade organization, said on Wednesday the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic.

"The twenty-second of July 2020 at the headquarters of the world trade organization in Geneva held a regular meeting of the WTO General Council, which examined the application of Turkmenistan for observer status in the organization," - said on the website of the Turkmen foreign Ministry.

Ashgabat at the meeting was represented by the permanent representative of Turkmenistan to the UN office in Geneva, Atageldy of Galganov, as well as online representatives of the foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of foreign trade and economic relations and the Ministry of Finance and economy.

Speaking at a meeting of Galganov informed the participants of the General Council of the WTO about the origins of the Turkmen process of joining the organization, in particular on the innovative policies the implementation of foreign economic activities of Turkmenistan.

"The country's gaining of observer status in the WTO is intended to contribute to the dynamic development of the national economy of Turkmenistan to strengthen its position in foreign trade, to carry out multilateral cooperation to attract investment from abroad and develop international trade relations. This also applies to the development of commercial and trading strategies, including their successful implementation," - said the diplomat.

"After discussion, the participating countries of the WTO General Council unanimously adopted the decision on the award of Turkmenistan of the status of observer in the organization. Currently, 164 countries are members of WTO. 24 countries have observer status in this organization. Turkmenistan became 25-th country in observer status", - stated in the message the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.

For the first time the question of the accession of Turkmenistan to the WTO was raised in January 2011 by the then head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso. During his visit to Ashgabat he invited Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to apply for the entry of Turkmenistan into the world trade organization.