The Russian car will start with light films, drama will be released closer to winter

The Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova said that in domestic rentals, with the opening of cinemas would be "light and simple movies", and the heavy drama will be delayed until the winter of 2021.

"We are also discussing with producers what genre we now expect from our viewers which are a bit tired sitting at home, maybe it's not ready for heavy drama. But I know that there are producers who make the decision and say they will be released next spring, and now they will focus on light and simple movies because we understand that those young guys that specifics with the coronavirus lets first come to the cinemas, of course, they want simple communication, visits to the cinema. So, I think with dramas, we'll get acquainted closer to winter 2021," said the Minister of culture.

According to her, the producers, who will open with their releases in Russian cinemas, will receive the support of the Ministry.

"In parallel, deeper steps for the next 3-6 months we are working together with the cinema Fund. When everything will work out and discuss together with the Association of producers of film and television, including producers, distributors, cinema chains, then, of course, we'll come to an open field and tell you about the whole complex of measures to support our cinema chains and producers", she added.