In Japan revealed a record number of new cases of coronavirus during the day

Japan announced Wednesday a record number of 750 cases COVID-19, revealed in a single day, according to the Agency Kyodo.

According to him, this figure exceeded the records of April of this year, when Japan had entered a state of emergency that lasted for about a month and a half.

The number of infections with coronavirus in the entire country is now higher than the 27.8 thousand, including around 700 of the former passengers and crew of the cruise liner Diamond Princess, standing in February at a two-week quarantine in the port of Yokohama.

In Tokyo the number of cases COVID-19 exceeded 10 thousand since the beginning of the spread of the virus, and only Wednesday in the Japanese capital, according to the test results identified 237 new infections.

For almost two weeks in Tokyo and recorded daily over hundreds of infected on the background of growth in the number of tests conducted.

However, in Japan launched a campaign to support domestic tourism Go To Travel. As for the Japanese capital, it withdrew from the programme because of the spread of coronavirus.

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