The expert estimated tax maneuver in the IT industry

Tax maneuver in the IT industry will help domestic companies of this sector to rapidly develop the sphere of high technologies in Russia, said RIA Novosti Director General of the Russian producer of office software (the software) "New cloud" (MUSIC brand "Maiofis") Dmitry Komissarov.

The state Duma adopted in the second and third reading the law on implementation of tax maneuver in the IT industry and the simplification of the procedure for the recognition of natural persons-tax residents of the Russian Federation. Russian President Vladimir Putin in late June, proposed to be held in the IT-industry tax maneuver, including permanently lower the rate of insurance contributions of companies to 7.6 per cent from the current 14%, and the rate of income tax to 3% from 20%. The law prepared by the Cabinet pursuant to this order, provides for the introduction of these innovations in 2021, as well as zeroing of the rate of profit tax in the part payable to the regional budgets.

Such preferences will get the business, 90% of the income generated from the sale of software and services for its development and implementation, explained earlier, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin. According to him, fall under the tax maneuver Russian design-centers the design and development of electronic products and software developers, including in the field of artificial intelligence.

"The government has heard the IT industry... Presents measures of support will allow IT companies to rapidly develop the sphere of high technologies in our country", - said Commissioners.

According to him, in the IT business for more than 80% of the costs of domestic developers have on the payroll of qualified employees and tax payments, and tax due manoeuvre of domestic developers will save about 50% from insurance premiums and 17% from income tax.

In addition, lower taxes will allow companies to invest more money in the economy, increase the number of jobs and will have a positive impact on other sectors of the economy. "The new tax regime will make the Russian jurisdiction more attractive and competitive, will allow developers to maintain their margins and to raise prices for digital products for corporate and private users", - concluded the expert.