It became known in what city of the Baltic States as well after the pandemic

Residents of St. Petersburg interviewed by Lux Express Group, called Tallinn is the first city where they will be going after the opening of the borders of Russia and the EU, according to the shipping company.

The capital of Estonia voted 42 percent (respondents could select multiple answers among the cities of the Baltic States and Finland).

In second place – Helsinki (35 percent), third – Riga (21%).

The five most popular included also Narva – so said 14 percent of respondents, Vilnius voted seven percent.

Next on the list is located Kotka, scored six percent of the vote, jõhvi (four percent), Tartu and Vantaa (three per cent) and pärnu, where going to go two percent of users.

St. Petersburg high interest to the capitals of the region, but more attention they pay to the less famous cities. Experts predict that after the resumption of international traffic demand for short trips to the Baltic countries and Finland will increase. Moreover, such overseas travel budget and not take much time.