The epidemiologist assessed the situation with the spread of the coronavirus

To talk about ending the wave of coronavirus it is not necessary, the epidemic process develops, but health care is ready, so in the future to look optimistic, said the head of the Department of epidemiology and evidence-based medicine of the First MGMU them. I. M. Sechenov, chief epidemiologist, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Nikolay Briko.

"Talking about COVID-19 that I had passed some kind of wave, it is not. We know that the epidemic process develops... to Talk about some kind of wave is not necessary," said Briko at a press conference.

He noted that, a likely rise in the incidence of coronavirus, the same wavelength as he was, will no longer be a seasonal rise.

"Our health care is ready, so let's be optimistic to look to the future", - said Briko.

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