Media: Chinese Embassy in the United States received received threats by phone

Embassy of China in USA in the last days will receive the address of a bomb threat, the newspaper "Penpal" referring to the informed source.

The publication writes that on 20 July in the visa section of the Chinese Embassy in the United States from an unknown number I received phone calls. The caller was a man who spoke English, he hung up after answering employees.

"During the last call, the man said, "is This the visa section of the Embassy of China?" after confirmation, the caller said, "You know what you have in the foyer?" After that, he simulated the sound of an explosion and hung up", - writes the edition.

In addition, according to the source, March 21 at the address of the Embassy received a letter with threats of violence, and in recent years dramatically increased the threat of attacks, which come in a written form to the address of the Embassy.

In this regard, the Embassy and the Consulate General of China in the United States increased security measures.

Earlier official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Wang Wenbin said that the US openly provoke stigma and incite hatred against China and that the Chinese Embassy in the US recently even received threats about bombs and diplomatic staff – the threat of violence.