The third test of the President of Brazil for coronavirus was positive

The third test of the President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro for coronavirus was positive, according to the portal G1 with reference to the administration of the President.

"President Air Bolsonaro is still in good health, his doctors are watching... the Test is made by the President yesterday, July 21, showed a positive result", - quotes the portal of the administration.

For the first time the disease has been identified in the Brazilian Chapter 7 of July, after which he is isolated in his official residence.

Bolsonaro repeatedly posted on social networks a photo where he is eating Breakfast, drinking coffee or feeding the ostriches living in residence, demonstrating their well-being.

On Sunday, he took several hundred of his supporters in the Palace gardens. In the video, released by the Agency Efe, it was evident that the President and the congregation shared only a narrow shallow reflecting pool. At some point during treatment Bolsonaro even took off the mask.

The President, who's 65 years old, an outspoken critic of provisions restricting trade and services in the Brazilian States to combat the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, and advocated the need for "vertical isolation", which should stay home only citizens from the risk group and over 60 years of age. In March Bolsonaro said that there was no coronavirus would not be able to break it, and in the background the who declared the pandemic called the disease a "small flu".

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