Julian Assange received the Stuttgart peace prize

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been awarded Stuttgart peace prize for the year 2020, according to a press release from civil society AnStifter (it. - the instigator), established the prize.

The award to Assange is "a sign that the right to unconditional freedom of information and freedom of the press should not only protect, but also to realize", said the Chairman of the AnStifter Annette ome-Reinicke.

The Stuttgart peace prize is awarded annually to people or projects that make a special contribution to achieving "peace, justice and solidarity." The prize is five thousand euros. Last year the award went to saving migrants German NGO Sea Watch, and in 2014 it received the ex-employee U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden.

Assange is accused in Sweden in 2010, sexual harassment and rape, in hiding since June 2012 in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, fearing extradition to the Scandinavian country. On the morning of 11 April 2019, he was detained at the request of the United States. A court in London found him guilty of violating the terms of bail and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. Hearings on the issue of extradition began on may 2 last year. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. government announced that Assange filed new charges of 17 counts of violations of the espionage act and the disclosure of classified information. In late June, a Federal Grand jury in the US issued a second indictment in the address Assange, including its collusion with the hackers associated with Anonymous.

In the case of extradition to U.S. Assange faces a prison sentence of up to 175 years.

The main hearing on the issue of his extradition to the U.S. will resume September 7th.