Lavrov called for talks on Libya neighboring countries

In the negotiations on the Libyan resolution must involve not only all parties to the conflict, but all the neighbors of Libya, said Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at press conference following talks with his Algerian counterpart Sabri Boukadoum.

"We are convinced that at this stage of our common efforts and all the Libyan parties should engage in direct negotiations, and all the neighbors of Libya must have a voice in shaping the conditions for mezhliviysky settlement," Lavrov said.

"We, by the way, note that our Algerian friends, as the Russian Federation, work with all Libyan political forces, and only this, I think, the success of a future decision of this problem", - he stressed.

In Libya, the confrontation between the national consensus Government (NTC) Fayeza Zarraga, which controls Tripoli and areas to the West of the country, and the Libyan national army (LNA) under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftorah, which cooperates with sitting on the East by the Parliament. The NTC supports Turkey, and LNA - Egypt.