Tina Kandelaki explained why he refused to corporate

TV presenter and producer Tina Kandelaki said on instagram on a frequent question from members and explained why now, more than ten years leading the corporate events.

She said that around the same time discussed this question with one of her friends – a successful businessman. Then he offered Kandelaki "the shadows", to which the presenter hesitated, as well he earned at corporate and gave his family "a life".

This conversation "was the final point", after which she refused to conduct such events. Despite this, leading still receive a lot of proposals.

Many users wrote in comments that are a similar stage in their lives, are also trying to change the usual work and find yourself something else: "At the moment I pass this stage. Hope for the best", "I got a new job in the office work of the photographer. It was difficult, but worth it. I'm not a bit sorry", "I Tried. Came out better than expected."