Inhabitant of the Crimea rendered a verdict for participation in the Ukrainian natsbatalona

Crimea court sentenced a resident of the Peninsula to 8 years of imprisonment for participation in created in Ukraine Crimean Tatar volunteer battalion of them. N. Çelebicihan, according to the Crimean Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

"Chernomorskiy district court of the Republic of Crimea recognized the Crimean guilty of the alleged crime and has appointed to it punishment in the form of 8 years of imprisonment for participation in activity of illegal armed formations operating on the territory of a foreign state for purposes contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation", - stated in the message.

The investigation established that 55-the summer inhabitant of the black sea region four years ago, voluntarily joined the ranks led by the organizer of the energy blockade of the Peninsula Lenur islyamova "Crimean Tatar volunteer battalion of them. Of Noman Çelebicihan," acting in the border areas of Kherson region of Ukraine.

During the period of the battalion from September to December 2016 man undergoing military training, mastered the techniques of unarmed and knife fighting. Blocked motor transport movement in the area of the checkpoint "Chongar", carried out illegal inspections of vehicles and citizens crossing the state border.

Subsequently, according to the FSB, the man returned to the Crimea, however, having a real opportunity to voluntarily terminate their participation in illegal armed groups, is not addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement, thus continuing their criminal activities to participate in the battalion. In February of this year was detained by employees of FSB of Russia.

Islyamov in 2014 was Deputy Prime Minister in the Russian Crimea, and dismissed for poor performance, then went to Ukraine. He was later charged in absentia charges of sabotage, which resulted in the Crimea in November 2015 and have been completely de-energized.