Japan will discuss the partial opening of the borders to more than ten countries

The government of Japan has decided to consider the possibility of easing restrictions on entry into the country because of COVID-19 additionally businessmen from 12 countries and territories, including China and South Korea, as well as the Chinese island of Taiwan, reported the TV channel NHK.

According to him, on Wednesday at a meeting of the government of the headquarters for combating the infection it was decided to discuss through diplomatic channels with these countries the possibility of easing restrictions on the border crossings on the basis of reciprocity.

At the same time, the Japanese foreign Ministry announced Wednesday that in July the country will be able to enter the persons from Vietnam and Thailand with a long-term Japanese visa.

In June, Japan has already announced its intention this summer to loosen restrictions on the entry of businessmen and engineers from four countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. In particular, it is assumed that they would be allowed to enter a maximum of 250 passengers per day.

Currently in Japan, denied access out of 146 countries in the world, including Russia and the United States. Anyone who has visited these countries within two weeks of arrival in Japan, can't be skipped through passport control.

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