The Governor of Tokyo urged citizens to refrain from going

The Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike, speaking at a regular press conference in the Japanese capital again urged residents to refrain from going outside, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Addressing a request to the residents and businesses of the city, Koike reported that the number of new positive test results for COVID-19 can exceed 300 per day, and the infection is expanding both geographically and by age groups.

"Further spread must be stopped at all cost," said Yuriko Koike in anticipation of "the long weekend" in connection with a non-sea Day Thursday and sports Day on Friday.

"I wanted residents fully implement preventive measures against infection, going outside, and besides, as far as possible, refrained from outlets on the street," she said.

The city administration said Wednesday about 237 new cases COVID-19, identified from the inhabitants of Tokyo. For almost two weeks and recorded daily over hundreds of infected on the background of growth in the number of tests conducted.

However, in Japan launched a campaign to support domestic tourism Go To Travel. As for the Japanese capital, it withdrew from the programme because of the spread of coronavirus.

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