The number of coins in circulation in Russia reached a record, said the Central Bank

The amount in circulation in Russia coins from the beginning of year has grown on 0,5% and 1 July reached record levels at 68.2 billion copies, follows from the data of the Central Bank.

Most in circulation coins are in denominations of 10 cents, their share of the total number is 37%, then I placed the coin in one ruble with a share of 13%, coins of one penny and 50 cents is in circulation for 11%, the coin of 10 rubles share of 10%.

With the beginning of the year slightly reduced the weight of the coin 5 cents for 6 months, its share has lost one percentage point on July 1 was up 8%. At the same time increased the number of coins in denomination of 2 rubles - by one percentage point, to 6%. Less only circulation coins of 5 roubles - only 4% of the total number of coins in circulation.

The total amount of coins of July 1, grew by 1.9 billion rubles, or 1.8%, to 108,8 billion.

At the same time for January-June increased and the number of banknotes in circulation - by 7.5% to 6,613 billion of notes. Their amount with the beginning of the year increased by 17.1% to 12,322 trillion rubles. In the end, the proportion of banknotes in the total number for the first half grew by one percentage point to 9%.

Earlier, the Bank of Russia informs that the volume of cash in circulation in the country reached 1 Jul record 12.42 trillion rubles, an increase over last month's 3.5%.