Zhirinovsky commented on the report mishustina on the work of the government

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky believes that the government's report, which took place on Wednesday, there was little attention paid to political issues.

"If you listen from the side, somewhere sits a weirdo, listening: "Who's going? Perhaps the accountant." Numbers, numbers, credits... Is a political body. Where a political assessment? Today, all bad or some are bad, and why - not called until now", - said Zhirinovsky, speaking after the report.

In this regard, the politician drew attention to the situation in Khabarovsk, which has recently been replaced by the head of the region.

"Mikhail, you, by the way, the name is the same as Degtyareva (acting head of the Khabarovsk territory). Another reason to help him. You double namesake", - said Zhirinovsky, addressing Mishustin.