The condition of hostages in a satisfactory luck

Hostages freed from the bus, which was captured on Tuesday in Lutsk, in a satisfactory condition in the hospital, no one spoke, said Wednesday at a briefing head of the security Service of Ukraine in the Volyn region Pavel Danikov.

"The hostages are tired, they are ten hours sitting in a closed bus, they are then again interrogated for several hours... It is the ordinary people who went simply by Shuttle bus, 15-year-old boy to his grandmother, who, as you saw, was released among the first. In the hospital, no one spoke, their condition is satisfactory" - said Dyukov. The stream led the Ukrainian TV channels.

He noted that hostage, a psychologist from Tuesday evening. Now carried out an investigatory experiment.

On Tuesday, a twice-convicted native of the Russian Federation Maxim Compressor in the center of Lutsk took the bus, where there were 13 passengers, and if he had explosives and weapons. According to militiamen, the malefactor has put forward the General requirements and stated dissatisfaction with the system, demanded, in particular, to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has recorded a video message urging to watch the movie "Earthlings". After negotiations that lasted more than ten hours, Zelensky has done, then managed to free all the hostages that were in the bus, no one was hurt. The man was detained, he was elected a measure of restraint.

The security service of Ukraine has classified it as a terrorist attack, and the interior Ministry brought another criminal case under three articles: the taking of hostages, infringement of life of police officer and unlawful use of a weapon. Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the detainee could face life imprisonment.