Mishustin appreciated the importance of introducing artificial intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence in medicine, Finance and other fields will give the opportunity for advanced development of the country, said Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, speaking in the Duma with the report on the work of the Cabinet.

"The government should think about how to become in some industries a digital platform, but not to collect any data, and for effective interaction with people to solve their problems, while minimizing any communication of the state with the person. Artificial intelligence today - it's a very serious driver of such elements. The introduction of artificial intelligence in areas such as medicine, Finance and so on, today will give us the opportunity of advancing the development of the country," - said Mishustin.

The state Duma on Tuesday adopted in the second reading the draft law on the pilot legal regimes ("regulatory sandboxing") to digital innovation, the third reading is scheduled for July 22.

According to mishustina, the element of "regulatory sandboxing" is very important. "Because it would be impossible to pravoprimenitel such regimes without examining them and without doing all the experiments. We are talking about the same drones that are impossible to use if you do not accept the appropriate regulations," he said.