Malta found the body of a probable mediator in the case of murder of the journalist

The Malta police is found with stab wounds alleged middleman in the murder case of journalist Daphne Caruana of Galizia the day before he was to stand trial, according to the publication Malta Today.

As the head of the Malta police Angelo Gafa (Angelo Gafa), Melvin of Teouma were found on Tuesday evening in his home with a knife in his right hand and multiple wounds in the area of the kidneys, neck and wrist. According to police, there are indications that the man were self-inflicted wounds. Police are investigating the incident. The status of the prospective intermediary is stable.

As the newspaper notes, the Wednesday of Theuma, who previously was a witness for the prosecution, was to stand trial in Malta. It is assumed that he was supposed to testify against a prominent Maltese businessman Jurgen Fenech, the alleged customer of murder.

Journalist and blogger Daphne Caruana Galiziya died in a car explosion in the Maltese village Bidnija in mid-October 2017. She claimed the alleged when former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and his spouse with the company, appearing in "the Panama document". The ex-Prime Minister and his wife deny any connection with the offshore company. In December last year amid a political crisis associated with the investigation of the murder of the journalist, Muscat announced the resignation.