Picture of Hippolytus Flandrena was destroyed by fire in the Cathedral of Nantes

One of the masterpieces of the painter Hippolyte Flandrin was destroyed by fire in the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul in the French Nantes, reports France Info.

The painting "St. Clare healing the blind" (1836) of size 300 to 140 centimeters was located on the wall above the Cabinet with electrical equipment. "From the picture leaving only the ash," the article reads.

A small copy of brush of the artist's brother Flandrena Field is stored in the Louvre Museum.

Master of religious painting Hippolyte Flandrin (1809 — 1864) was one of the best students of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. His other paintings, portraits and drawings are in the Lyon Museum of fine arts.

The fire occurred on the morning of 18 July. The fire had completely destroyed the largest organ of the Cathedral. The Prosecutor's office of Nantes announced the launch of the investigation on suspicion of arson.