The expert praised the US decision to close the Consulate General of China in Houston

The US decision to close the Consulate General of China in Houston is part of an offensive against China to create a legal reserve in the future, while Beijing is unlikely will respond harshly to actions of the American side, reading associate Professor of international security faculty of world politics of Moscow state University Alexei Fenenko.

Previously the chief editor of Global Times said in his Twitter that the us government demanded that China in the last three days to close the diplomatic mission in Houston. Later, the Chinese foreign Ministry confirmed this information. The Chinese foreign Ministry added that China urges U.S. to immediately cancel this "wrong decision", describing the steps of the Washington political provocation.

"The first thing I want to say, the United States is considering all this as part of an attack on China. That is their main strategy is what is called, first, a moment's peace to China. That is to constantly create China some difficulty, some problem, that he was just not bringing active international policy. All the time we need to put out the fire: the Hong Kong and then Tibet, then Xinjiang, the separatism in Manchuria, artificially inflated the United States, departmenet in the United States. All the time that he was not up to major international policy," said Fenenko RIA Novosti.

As noted by the expert, and second, the United States thus create a certain legal Foundation for the future.

"Charges will be constantly to that the Chinese diplomats conduct a sort of espionage against them then in the future you can take action, despite diplomatic status. It will be possible to extend the corresponding statements in the U.S. Congress. This is the essence of American strategy," explained Fenenko.

According to experts, the practice shows that China is not particularly responsive.

"As always, all confined to the notes, all limited to statements. I've never seen a particularly hard step on the part of China. Americans understand that very well," said he.

As noted Fenenko, Americans further whet if Beijing will not take retaliatory measures, for example, to close the American diplomatic mission in China or expel American diplomats. "In the American political culture, the subject who does not take strict retaliatory measures, was originally considered as a weakling," - said the expert.

While Fenenko believes that in this case no Parallels to when the US demanded from Russia to the American side of the Russian departmenet.

"Of course, (none). Another interesting that China does not take particularly harsh measures against Washington," - said the expert.

In September 2017 the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco, a sales office in Washington and trade mission in new York was transferred to the U.S. side at the request of the state Department. The state Department is required to close them in response to the Russian proposal to reduce the number of employees of the US diplomatic mission in Russia. Access to the Consulate General for the Russian diplomats was closed. Russia has described the actions of the hostile step.