Netflix has cancelled the shooting of the Turkish TV series with the character gay

Netflix had canceled the production of Turkish TV series "If only" ("If only") after the Turkish authorities rejected the company's license to shoot because the scenario the character is gay, according to Deadline.

According to the publication, the work on the project was announced in March. It was expected that its creation will be engaged in leading Turkish company producing drama series, and the main role performed by actress Özge Aspiring.

Later, however, the showrunners changed plans. The government demanded that the streaming service was removed from the script of the hero's sexual orientation. Netflix agreed to make changes and refused to show.

Press Secretary of the Turkish governing party of justice and development party (AKP) Mahir Unal said that the Turkish authorities are interested in cooperation with the American company Netflix, which specializes in the distribution of films and television series based on streaming media.

A Netflix representative did not directly comment on the situation "If only" ("If only"), but stressed: "Our company remains serious about cooperation with our colleagues from Turkey. We are proud of their incredible talent. We now have in production a few Turkish original projects, and there will be more. Look forward to the opportunity to share these stories with our audience around the world."