The expert commented on the actions of the Ukrainian authorities during the hostage-taking

The actions of the Ukrainian authorities for the hostage crisis in the center of Lutsk similar to "cheap tragicomedy" in which mistakes were made, said RIA Novosti former head of the Israeli secret services "Nativ", an expert in the field of armaments and geopolitics Yakov Kedmi.

"It is difficult to assess, except as a cheap Comedy, in which the Ukrainian authorities have made mistakes. Starting with the fact that the place itself was not surrounded, isolated from television and onlookers, and all that was happening around the bus, was broadcast on television, which is absolutely unthinkable in such operations, ending the negotiations with a person with mental disabilities, ex-offender, not adequately perceive the reality with certain obsessions, which almost wanted to give him a platform to speak, the negotiations with the people usually are psychologists in this case was supposed to be the psychiatrist, not the President," said Kedmi.

"Subsequently, as it was the very Comedy and his arrest: the unfortunate terrorist out of the bus and stands and waits, when it will come to pick up, standing and waiting, waiting, waiting. And then there is the so-called group and taking him to the hospital. And then... the armored appearance and brave soldiers like a crooked out of it. Instead it was organized professionally, as it was known in his time, the Ukrainian service at least 20 years ago," - said the expert.

Kedmi also criticized the actions of President Vladimir Zelensky. "Gives orders and complies with all requirements of this psycho. This had never happened in such form with such people. We are not talking about professional terrorists, terrorist organizations, we are talking about the crazy loner", he concluded.

On Tuesday, the man in the center of Lutsk took the bus, where there were about 20 passengers, and if he had explosives and weapons. The security service of Ukraine has classified it as a terrorist attack, and the interior Ministry brought another criminal case under three articles: the taking of hostages, infringement of life of police officer and unlawful use of a weapon. According to militiamen, the malefactor has put forward the General requirements and stated dissatisfaction with the system, demanded, in particular, to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has recorded a video message urging to watch the movie "Earthlings". After negotiations that lasted more than 10 hours, Zelensky has done, then managed to release all 13 hostages that were in the bus, no one was hurt. The man was detained, he was elected a measure of restraint.