The expert commented on the U.S. sanctions against the "Nord stream–2"

Possible tightening of US sanctions against the gas pipeline "Nord stream 2" is an attempt to exert influence on European countries, but they are unlikely to pay serious attention to American measures, said RIA Novosti Professor of the philosophical faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University political scientist Boris Mezhuev.

The house of representatives of US Congress approved the defense budget by 2021, which contains extended sanctions against the "Nord stream–2". This is one of the projects budget. The second project, proposed by the Senate. Usually first projects discussed in the chambers, then brings them in one conciliatory Commission from representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties. This document and transmit it to the President for signature.

"The pressure on the European allies, primarily Germany. While it is unlikely to have any impact on the construction (of the pipeline "Nord stream–2" - ed.). Currently, Russia, Germany and other European countries, there is a chance, despite the shouts from Washington to bring the case to the end," - said Mezhuev.

But later, he said, as soon as the election campaign in the United States will take place, the political situation stabiliziruemost, war within the party will subside, the pressure on Europe will intensify, and "we can expect unpleasant circumstances."

"But here the main thing - not to retreat from started realizing that at the moment Germany would not listen to Washington, as she realizes that Washington is busy with internal conflict and his external actions are due to internal instability. So now we should not expect that European countries will pay serious attention to these sanctions, but later America will attempt to return Europe to a unified Western camp. I think it will be the main task of the United States the next four years, whoever becomes us President," - said the analyst.

"Nord stream–2" - building a new export pipeline from Russia to Europe via the Baltic sea. The entry point of the gas pipeline in the Baltic sea - the area of Ust-Luga in Leningrad region, output in Germany near Greifswald. The length of the route - more than 1.2 thousand kilometers. The total capacity of the two strands of "Nord stream–2" - 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The total designed capacity of "Nord stream" and "Nord stream–2" is 110 billion cubic meters of gas per year.