Mishustin appreciated the action taken to combat coronavirus

The actions of the Russian authorities to combat the spread of coronavirus infection has been thoughtful and proactive, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

"Our actions were thoughtful and proactive. Relied on research and recommendations of the Russian experts, as well as on the international experience", - said the Prime Minister, speaking in the Duma with the report on the work of the government in 2019.

For many people in Russia, the reality of the threat of infection became evident only in mid-March, when it was limited to flights with a number of countries, the Premier said.

"But we were ahead of the curve. On behalf of the President began to take steps to combat coronavirus much earlier. Although at the time no cases of infection with coronavirus in our country yet was not" - said Mishustin.

He recalled that he worked a powerful analytical center, and he repeatedly met with doctors, scientists and experts to develop the optimal strategy algorithm of the restrictive measures and their subsequent gradual abolition.

"On 30 January we have limited air links with China, almost the first in the world. The next day, stopped passenger rail service in this area. And limit the possibility of crossing the land border in the far East. Russia did it once again, perhaps the first in the world. To protect our people and to win time to prepare health systems to accept cases", - said the head of government.

He added that the audit was conducted of hospital beds, inventory of protection equipment and medical equipment in all regions.

"Was set up Operational headquarters and Coordinating Council. Great work performed by the working group of the state Council. Without delay allocated the necessary funds and resources. Combined efforts of the state and society to combat this lethal infection," he said.

This, according to mishustina, allowed to avoid the collapse that we saw abroad such as in Italy, Spain or the United States. From the first days in the fight against this disease entered our epidemiologists, doctors and scientists, Russian specialists are among the first in the world to create effective test system and started the development of vaccines, he added.

"The situation required us to allocate an additional one hundred seventy billion rubles for the purchase of medical equipment and re-profiling of bed Fund of the country. Payments to doctors, support for a regional systems OMS. In record time, had deployed more than one hundred and eighty thousand of infectious beds. Purchased the necessary equipment and personal protective equipment. And only subsidies from the Federal budget to the regions for these purposes amounted to about sixty-six (65,8) billion rubles," - said Mishustin.

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