Cubs rare red mottled Python appeared in the Moscow zoo

Cubs rare red mottled Python appeared in the Moscow zoo, just hatched seven babies, reported the press service of the zoo.

"The female is a speckled Python clutch done back in may, and just recently it started to appear young just hatched seven babies. Their length until more than 30 centimeters, and the floor will be known only after the first molt, when snake a little older," - said in a zoo.

The press service said that in the conditions of the zoo to prepare snakes for breeding is quite difficult. At first the workers simulate the rainy season: in terrariums temperatures, increased humidity, then male and female unseat.

"The male and female parents small batonchikov – were also born at the zoo in 2013. For females is the first laying. To see my mother-Python-now - the exhibition "the wonderful world of reptiles". And after a couple of months it is quite unable to join some of her already a little bit grown-up offspring," - said in a zoo.

Red Python is oviparous snake. The female lays from four to 28 eggs. Usually after 75 days the eggs appear young pythons.

Red speckled Python is a rare form of snakes from the family of pythons that live in Thailand, Vietnam, West Malaysia, and Indonesia. Inhabits a motley Piton mountain and valley rain forests and plantations.

These rare long pythons kept in the Moscow zoo and successfully reproduce.